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We are celebrating our 3 years this week!

Published on Sep 09th, 2020 11:28 pm

We are celebrating our 3 years this week!

Congratulations to everyone for your involvement in the first 3 years of the ADS by UAP platform!

We are now going to take it to the next level and offer you even more improvements to help you achieve financial freedom.

Here are the news of the week:

1) Golden status now costs only $50 for 30 days instead of $100 previously. Referral upgrade commission are now 40% instead of 20%.
As a reminder, Golden status allows you to :
- Premium PTC ads
- 200% of click value + 1 point per ad viewed
- 1000 points = $1 in purchase balance
- 10 chances at Lucky Box per day instead of 5
- You can own a maximum of 500 PU180 instead of 25
- Referral Upgrade Commission (40% on 7 lvls): 10$ - 4$ - 2$ - 1$ -1$ -1$ -1$
- You can withdraw a maximum of $500 per day instead of $250 every 10 days

2) For the members registered on our platform, you now have the possibility to withdraw your money earned on ADS by UAP directly to your eca-n balance.

3) New captchas to be solved to validate the ads, they will change frequently to increase the conversion rate of your ads.

4) More high value ads available for viewing.

5) You want passive earnings, buy our PU180 to get a cashback every day and receive 25.000 PTC credit and 1 Massive External Traffic credit that you can use to promote your ADS by UAP referral link and expand your network. You can have up to 25 PU180 as a standard member and up to 500 PU180 as a Golden member.
In this regard, congratulations to the members who have reached the maximum.

More news and improvements to come very soon, in the meantime, be persevering, pragmatic and visionary.

I wish you all the success you deserve!

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