Frequently Asked Questions

ADS by UAP is an online advertising platform. We sell advertising services.
Our products/service include Massive External Traffic with and without Profit Sharing, PTC ads, Startup ads, LuckyBox ads, Login Banner ads, Banner ads and PPC Banner ads.
You may use these services to advertise your Business/Programs to all members and visitors of our site.

YES, ADS by UAP is free to join.
Free members can earn money by viewing PTC ads, LuckyBox...
You can make a withdrawal request without having referrals or making any advertising purchases on the site.
You can purchase any advertising service suitable to them. It is against the ethics of the business if you buy the PU180 without any plans of advertising your own business or program. Anyone found doing so will get their account suspended until the requirement is met.

It's very simple and easy, there are 3 ways:
 1. Purchase PU180 in order to get daily cashback
 2. Earn extra cash by viewing PTC ads, LuckyBox...
 3. Refer your family, friends and acquaintances to earn commissions

YES. We are a worldwide program. If you can use any of the payment processors that we offer, then you can join us.

Refresh the page first.
Make sure you've entered the right username and password. Try to refresh the captcha by clicking on it.
If it still doesn't work try changing your browser. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot your password?".

NO. Members can not set up multiple accounts or refer themselves.
Only one account allowed per IP address.
Using Proxy/VPN is strictly prohibited, your account will be suspended.

YES, all personal information that you provide to us is privacy protected and confidential. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

Members can use Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money or ECA-N.

The minimum amount paid is $20 on the first cashout. This amount will increase by $20 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $100 and the maximum amount of $250 every 10 days ($500 per day for Golden members).
All payments will be made via Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money or ECA-N. No other method of payment is available at this time.
From the amount paid, a fee of 5% will be deducted.
All payments will be processed within 20 business days (Saturday and Sunday are not business days).
We are responsible only for submitting your payment to the payment processor. Any action after that is to be handled by the payment processor's support.

No refunds are given due to the digital nature of our products and services. The purchase of advertising is non-refundable by our Terms and Conditions. You are purchasing credits for the use in our traffic exchange network. We share the revenue from sales of advertising services with all members, so we cannot afford to offer refunds. Please read our Terms and Condition and FAQ before clicking on the signup page.

YES, it is legal.
In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! All members that purchase our advertising packages will receive credits. These credits allowing members to place in our traffic exchange network.

Any program that claims an ROI (Return on investment) but has no product is A SCAM!
ADS by UAP sells ADVERTISING SPACE! Just like a billboard or a commercial on television.
The purchase of advertising space enables you to share in the profits of the platform based on traffic and daily sales. Different platforms/ programs offer different percentages of returns but all RevShare programs have a product in place that assists a marketer in driving traffic to their Web page, Landing page, or other program Signup page.

We are not an investment or HYIP that tells you how much you will make daily or fixed plan. You are purchasing a legitimate advertising product which will drive traffic to your website or referral link. You may also receive a share of our revenue which is shared on sales we receive, please note that this depends upon sales of our advertising packages and services through our site
ADS by UAP is created to offer you the best real quality advertising services with high exposure.

Due to constant credit card fraud concerns with online payment processors, ADS by UAP will be implementing the following Terms and Conditions.
This is for your safety and ours.
Client information on our website must match the payment processor customer information (full real name and email address).

PU180 are advertising packages.
Members can purchase to advertise their businesses in our traffic exchange network.
PU180 costs $100 each, and members will receive 25.000 PTC Ads credits + 1 Massive External Traffic credit (Featured Link credit).
It is mandatory to allocate these advertising credits.
As an incentive, we'll share our profit with members who purchased PU180 if we receive any profit.
Members automatically qualify to receive profit share.
Please note that these earnings depend on the sales of products and services.
We cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing.

NO, to qualify to earn profit share you just need to own 1 or more PU180.

New revenue is distributed to all active PU180 every day. We do not guarantee any daily earnings to any packages as revenue share depends upon advertising sales and service we receive.

Daily % depends upon the revenue generated through advertising and retail sales made through ADS by UAP. The maximum cap can be anywhere between 0% and 1%. This information is for guidance only and there is no guarantee given for any earnings.

The referral clicks commissions you earn are directly related to the clicks you make on "Earn Money" page (excluding Bonus Ads and Admin Ad).
You have to click at least 4 ads by day to receive these commissions.
The referral clicks will be calculated based on the clicks you made on the previous day.

Free members can get referral commission on PTC ads, Login Banner ads, Banner ads and Massive External Traffic ads sales.
There is no commission on the following purchases: Startup ads, LuckyBox ads, PPC Banner ads, PU180 and the Membership Upgrade (Golden).

Referral clicks commission on "Earn Money" page only (excluding Bonus Ads):
50% of click value - [You have to click at least 4 ads by day to receive these commissions]

Referral ad purchases commission on 7 levels (excluding Startup ads, LuckyBox ads, PPC Banner ads and PU180):
Level 1: 10%
Level 2: 4%
Level 3: 2%
Level 4: 1%
Level 5: 1%
Level 6: 1%
Level 7: 1%

Referral membership upgrade (Golden) commission for Standard members:

Referral membership upgrade (Golden) commission for Golden members (7 levels):
Level 1: 20% ($10)
Level 2: 8% ($4)
Level 3: 4% ($2)
Level 4: 2% ($1)
Level 5: 2% ($1)
Level 6: 2% ($1)
Level 7: 2% ($1)

It is our intention to provide a safe advertising/consumer network for our members.
As such, the following types of advertisements/sites are expressly prohibited; illegal investment schemes, illegal pyramid schemes, material drugs, drug paraphernalia, discriminatory practices, hate, violence sites, pharmaceutical sales, illegal downloads, pornography or sexually themed sites, scams of any sort, misleading/false advertising and any URLs compromising the security of ADS by UAP website are not allowed.

YES and NO. All ads are automatically confirmed and added except for Startup ads and Massive External Traffic ads.
But all ads submitted are verified.

Massive external traffic is provided on a selection of PTC, PTP and Traffic Exchange sites depending on the ad type to offer the best conversion rate.
The display period of your ad is variable, it is delivered within 30 days but it can last 1 day or more depending on the external traffic sources selected.
The statistics will not be visible in your advertiser panel on ADS by UAP because the ad will be broadcast on several advertising platforms external to our company. If you wish to obtain the statistics, please contact us right after the submission of your ad.

NO, you can only delete the ad. Your unused credits will be reloaded on your balance.

YES and NO. All languages are allowed provided they are written in Latin characters. So, use only Latin characters.

It's against the policy to create more than one account at one address. It's against the policy to create a different account for husband and wife for the purpose of stacking. Stacking is strictly forbidden and will result in blocking the account(s) involved.

This website is not lawfully accessible to persons under the age of 18 or who are otherwise covered by the provisions of the Child Online Privacy Act of 1998 (COPA). If you are under the age of 18 you must leave this site immediately.

All payments will be processed within 20 business days (Saturday and Sunday are not business days). We are responsible only for submitting your payment to the payment processor. Any action after that is to be handled by the payment processor's support.

YES and NO.
A member cannot change his original sponsor unless he does not have a sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor and have registered in the last 14 days, you can send a ticket for a sponsor change. The change of sponsor can only happen once. The new sponsor cannot be someone who has signed up after you.

NO. Using Proxy/VPN is strictly prohibited, your account will be suspended.

NO. Using an autoclick bot is strictly prohibited, your account will be suspended.

ADS by UAP a project by the Ultimate Affiliate Program Ltd registered at Office F02-04, Oceanic House, Providence Estate, P.O. Box No. 6038, Mahé, Seychelles.

After 180 days of inactivity (approximately 6 months), the accounts automatically go into the inactive mode and all balances are reset to zero (except for members with 1 or more PU180). 

That's because you violated our terms and conditions. You must have received an email about it. For any complaints, please contact us.

Please use the "Support" page to send us your question. One of our support staff will answer it as soon as possible.
Or contact us on

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